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        CQ90D-Z Full automatic pipe cutting machine parameters

        Work mode: pipe keeps stationary, cutters are rotating to cut

        Control mode: PLC

        Cutter: NC cutting tool

        Cutter quantity: 2

        Pipe diameter: Φ30mm—Φ90mm

        Pipe thickness: 1—10mm

        Amount of feed: controlled by servo motor, it is adjustable

        Feeding length: 50-500mm, for longer cutting length, it can feed more times

        Total power: 20KW

        Spindle speed control: stepless speed regulation

        Calmping method: self-centering、hydraulic clamping

        Feeding method: servo motor and friction wheel

        Loading method: automatic

        Cooling method: self circulation liquid cooling

        Machine features:

        Using the mature PLC technology, through the human-computer interaction interface and equipment, it is easy to operate and learn.

        Self centering hydraulic clamping, working stable and reliable.

        Stepless speed spindle, it can adjust the cutting speed.

        The automatic pipe cutting machine is automatic for loading, cutting, sizing, discharging, and it can work with beveling machine.

        Reduce the delivery time of semi-finished products and save the producing area.

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